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A Sky of Honey

Hammersmith Apollo exterior - Before The Dawn

Kate Bush – Before The Dawn

Some artists tour almost every year. Some tour every couple of years or so. How many could get away with waiting 35 years before doing only their second set of live shows? Kate Bush is probably the only one for whom there has been such a demand over the years that there could be no question that the audience was still there and so it proved when out of the blue a series of live shows were announced in March 2014.

I won’t call it a tour as she chose to take over one venue, in London at the Apollo in Hammersmith, for what ended up as 22 dates from August 26th to 1 October 2014. (more…)

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Which one’s Pink?

So the hot music news of the week, for some of us anyway, is the announcement of a new Pink Floyd album The Endless River. A band that certainly divides opinion but one that has been part of my musical landscape since I rediscovered Dark Side of The Moon when revising for my ‘O’ Level exams in 1983.

Here’s the artwork which personally I find rather stunning.


Almost as momentous an event as Kate Bush announcing her live shows back in March, and whom I go to see on Sept 27th, it came as a huge surprise to me. (more…)

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How did I get here?

Not a “birds and bees” story (sighs of relief all round) and this will be quite a serious post to give an idea where I’m at right now though I don’t intend to make the whole site an exploration of what’s happened. Some context and understanding of why I’ve started this may be helpful though.

I also realised I’ve started this blog almost exactly a year on from when I was here…

Brighton Beach

Contemplation on Brighton Beach

10th September 2013 sitting on Brighton beach after a nice day exploring the town, watching the sun go down through the breaks in the cloud thinking about the usual subjects of life, the universe and everything although without a pot of tea to hand which, as we all know, is a general cure for pretty much anything. (more…)

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New Things

Well this is new. I’ve been considering doing a bit of writing to help with a personal journey that I’ve been on this past year or so. I may go into more detail about what has brought me to this point but suffice to say it’s not been a pleasant journey.

However I am emerging from it and I’ve learned a lot about myself along the way. A few people have encouraged me to write down my thoughts and feelings to help with my recovery and I’ve finally decided now would be a good time to try.

I’m not sure how this will develop. There will be stuff about how I’m feeling, maybe some things that might help others going through difficult times and if anything does, it would be amazing. There will be talk about gigs, music, conventions, film and TV and anything else I feel I need to get out. Oh, and football. That’s the proper version of football, the one with the round ball 🙂

What I will not be talking about is religion, politics and Big Brother (which should have been banned from TV years ago).

This is primarily an exercise for me but hopefully it will develop and might be of interest to others so if you read this, thank you and welcome. Join me in this new venture.

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