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Which one’s Pink?

So the hot music news of the week, for some of us anyway, is the announcement of a new Pink Floyd album The Endless River. A band that certainly divides opinion but one that has been part of my musical landscape since I rediscovered Dark Side of The Moon when revising for my ‘O’ Level exams in 1983.

Here’s the artwork which personally I find rather stunning.


Almost as momentous an event as Kate Bush announcing her live shows back in March, and whom I go to see on Sept 27th, it came as a huge surprise to me.

The starting point for this album is music from the 1993 Division Bell sessions, the last Floyd studio album and well worth checking out if meaningful, thought provoking lyrics and stunning musicianship are your thing. I was lucky enough to see them live twice in 1994 on that tour at Earls Court in London, even getting 6th row seats for one show although stupidly I didn’t take my camera to that one but here’s a pic I did take.

Pink Floyd Earls Court 1994

Pink Floyd – Earls Court 1994

This new album contains the last recordings with Rick Wright and comes as a four side vinyl release (remember that?) as well as CD with additional DVD and Blu Ray options. Personally I’ve pre-ordered the CD+BR option. Pink Floyd in glorious surround sound is not to be passed up and should be a fitting reminder of a great band and tribute to Rick.

David Gilmour is my favourite guitarist so any excuse to listen to his playing must be taken. For me, no-one else has his feel for melodic solos and his simplest of touches can say more in a song than a string of notes or chords by some others. He seems to just know when to leave space, when one note is required or a stunning solo.

Unfortunately it’s unlikely we’ll get to see the remaining members of Pink Floyd play live together again but a new album will go some way to making up for that.

Music is a huge part of my life, has helped me through bad times and enhanced the best. I’ve never understood people who don’t have music in their lives and I don’t mean just having throwaway pop songs on in the background. I mean music you actually need to listen to and digest, music you want to read the lyrics for because they hit you in the head or heart and mean something to you.

Sometimes a simple song is fine but there’s nothing like getting a new release, putting it on for the first time and losing yourself in it from start to finish, finding the tracks that hit you immediately and the ones you only start to “get” after a few listens but which you want to give that time to.

I’ve bought albums that I’ve thought were nothing special but then you put it on when in a certain mood and it suddenly makes sense. Nothing is quite the companion to life than music and I almost feel sorry for those who don’t carry that with them.

Do yourself a favour, put on a CD you haven’t played in a while, play it from start to finish and rediscover what you loved about it in the first place and keep it in your life. Better yet, buy the new Pink Floyd album and discover something unique and special.

Music – for the best of times and the worst of times, a companion for life.

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