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Adventures with Rat Queens and The Walking Dead

Comic books. There, I’ve said it. Are they valid literature or just throwaway trash? Are they art? Ever read one? Ever poked fun or joked about those who do?

Comic books have a very close association with a lot of the things I like be it music, movies or TV shows. They are featured at the events I go to where you will see the artists and writers doing sketches for people and discussing their work and many stalls selling old and new books. There are shows just purely dedicated to comic books too. Yet it’s an area of the fandom that I’ve never really connected with until recently (more…)

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London Film and Comic Con Winter 2014


Another weekend, another convention. Run by Showmasters, London Film and Comic Con is a signing event more than a convention, though people interchange the phrases. A convention is really more like a themed event, say at a hotel where you will normally stay as well and where there will be evening parties, meet and greet opportunities with the guests and other things going on.

These signing events are more generic, will have a range of actors from a variety of films and shows, comic artists and writers, cosplay and authors too.

There are two LFCC events each year now, the main summer show in July and a winter one which is usually in October. (more…)

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Destination Star Trek 3


I think I’ve said somewhere along the line that I go to conventions. Not your business type conferences where you discuss the latest in grommet actuation technology or something, but conventions where you can meet actors from film and TV shows, get their autographs, have photos with them, give a bit of love back and hang out with a really cool bunch of like minded people.

These things have a bad reputation and the world is full of jokes about people dressing up as characters from their favourite show and walking around speaking Klingon etc. And yes, this does happen but to be honest it only adds to the atmosphere. (more…)

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A Vision of Fire


So I was starting to get organised for a convention this past weekend, which I’ll write about after this, when my my friend Bunny starts getting excited about something that’s causing her plans to be rearranged.

A lengthy phone call later she explains that Gillian Anderson (yes, the delightful and gorgeous Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame) is doing a book signing for her first novel in London at Waterstones in Piccadilly (more…)

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