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Making a stand

As those of you who follow my little blog will know I attend conventions and have written about some of the recent ones I’ve been to on here. I’ve been going to these since 2003 so feel I am well experienced and have a good understanding of how things work.

There are a number of companies that run these events and behind the scenes it’s very political with organisers trying to undermine each other and there are times when things have become rather unpleasant.

Recently a friend of mine was banned from the online forum operated by one of these organisers, Showmasters who run the London Film and Comic Con and Collectormania events, some of which I’ve commented on.

Theirs was the first event I went to and I’ve enjoyed meeting many great guests thanks to this company but it would be false to say everything is perfect although being well experienced I know how to work around any problems.

All events have positive and negative points and both myself and others who write about them try to be objective and give a balanced and unbiased view. My friend was banned for allegedly having a negative agenda towards this company and trying to undermine them for new attendees.

Anyone who has read her reviews would clearly see there is no foundation to this although she is not afraid to raise issues and ask questions when necessary and this was the basis for the ban, being persistent in trying to get a response to a particular issue.

Last night (17th November 2014) Jason Joiner, the owner of Showmasters went on the forum to try and clear up an argument that had started and only succeeded in fueling it further. During this discussion unfortunately the name of my banned friend came up and he proceeded to defame her character and motives as well as being abusive towards other forum members.

It was quite a shock and rather upsetting to see how far things went and it became very personal. Even I was accused of just causing a drama despite stating facts.

I am posting a link to her response to this attack, not just because she is a friend but because people who attend these events ought to know the character of the person they are giving their money to. I am not going to say boycott the company or their events, there are many good things about them, and any such decision is an individual choice, but I would encourage you to read the post and decide for yourself.

This is not intended as a personal attack on one individual but to challenge accusations and highlight the approach of the company when dealing with individuals who have issues to raise.

Please read: Setting the Record Straight

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