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Rediscovery – When the button clicks

Ever watched a TV show or movie and just thought, “that did nothing for me” or bought an album, listened to it and just thought “meh, don’t get it”.

Then have you picked that album up and listened to it again, watched the TV show or movie and for some reason it “clicked”, made sense, you “got it”?

This has happened to me and I’ve often wondered why. If it has happened to you, what was different? Your mood, some kind of outside influence, input from friends? If you didn’t think much to it the first time, what made you revisit it?

While it’s probably not worth over-analysing, I do find it quite interesting. Surely if you don’t like something, you don’t like it?

There’s a few key times that I’ve been conscious of this happening. It’s probably been more but I thought it might be interesting to provide some background and see if anyone else had similar experiences.

The first is with a CD for a band you’ve likely never heard of. The band is Mice and the CD called “…because I can”, a project formed by Julianne Regan after her previous band All About Eve split. You may have heard of them at least.

Being a fan of All About Eve and Julianne I bought the CD but it never really clicked for me. A bit indie, a bit poppy, didn’t really fit in with what I was listening to at the time.

R-2791795-1301220897.jpeg R-2791795-1301220908.jpeg

Then I was at work one day and had put it in my bag for some reason. I can’t recall why now, maybe I’d been talking about it with someone, but I listened to it and had a completely different feeling about it. I liked it, it suddenly made sense. Sure, it’s not going to be in my top 10 or even top 20 albums of all time but it gets a listen every so often. What also helped is later on All About Eve reformed, I got to know them and somehow ended up doing lighting and various other things to help out and they would sometimes do one or two of the Mice songs and they worked really well live.

I’ve wondered what made the difference that time. My mood? the weather even? Was I just having a good day at work and more open to that style? The question remains unanswered.

The next major thing I experienced like this was with the Battlestar Galactica TV show from 2004 though I did have a bit of help with this one.

I quite liked the original 1978 version and just didn’t “get” the 2004 mini-series that kicked off the reboot. I remember not liking the jerky camera movements and I think just found it too dark, not entirely sure but apart from a few episodes I didn’t enjoy it or watch very much.

Then I was due to go to a convention which had some of the actors from the show attending, particularly Aaron Douglas who plays Chief Galen Tyrol (Chief Engineer). Now at this convention I spent a while chatting to him at the bar, he loves a lot of the same music as me as we exchanged stories about gigs we’d been to and when we’d seen certain bands and then to hear him tell stories about the show made me want to watch it again as I felt I’d missed something.


Aaron Douglas at Starfury Inva2ion

So I bought the mini-series very cheaply on DVD and rewatched it. Now, thanks to some of the background Aaron had filled in, I understood it better. I actually wanted to see more so bought the Bluray box set and I think in about 3 weeks blitzed through all 5 seasons. Loved it. Yes, there’s some filler but I realised now what it was really about and understood the characters and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.

A revelation if you will.


Since then I’ve met more of the cast and told this story and it’s not really surprised any of them but what also pulls you in is the love they still have for the show and each other. You may have read my piece about going to Fedcon earlier this year where more of the case attended. There was such a genuine feeling of family about them it’s hard not to want to see what they’re talking about.

And without going into huge rambling detail, there’s been others. Firefly for one. I think the title sequence put me off originally, spaceships and horses and an almost Country and Western sounding opening song? Didn’t give it a chance and then I was on holiday from work once and tried it again, got past the dodgy opening and got to appreciate the characters and writing.

And then there was Spartacus. The TV series, not the movie. I’d seen a bit of it and dismissed it. It was only when a friend really explained how my perception was wrong and showed me an episode that I became interested. I borrowed some of the discs, watched them in about a week and promptly ordered the full set and watched it non-stop. Much more going on that my initial impression led me to believe. Ok, maybe the sex helped a bit but there’s a great and fairly historically accurate story there. That bit surprised me the most. Much of what is presented is documented to have really happened. Now, if that doesn’t intrigue you enough to give it try, I don’t know what will.

Huge thanks to my friend for introducing me to it.


And now I’m blitzing my way through The X-Files. I loved it when it started but around Season 5 I lost interest. Not sure why now but I did. Now label me not a true fan if you like, and some of my friends have but it hasn’t stopped me meeting Gillian Anderson or Mitch Pileggi and a few of the others.

I’d avoided buying the DVDs as I’d heard the picture quality wasn’t great and always hoped for a conversion to HD and Bluray. Now the HD conversion (not sure how many episodes) has happened and been shown in Germany. Maybe elsewhere by now and it looks stunning but still no news of a release. Maybe it could tie-in with the new series they’re filming, one can hope.


But I finally gave in and bought the DVDs at a good price and am blitzing through them. I did cheat a bit and start at Season 5 where I left off originally but again, I now realise what I missed and am thoroughly enjoying making up for lost time, though whether my friends will now concede that I am a fan when I complete it I’m yet to find out.

I still don’t know why I’ve suddenly liked all these things that I gave up on originally but maybe I shouldn’t worry about it and just be glad that I have come to enjoy them.

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