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A year on….

September 15th 2014. No that’s not a typo and I haven’t entered a time warp, that was the date of my first post on this blog. A year on, where are we? For a start I’m glad I’m keeping this going. True I haven’t been as regular in my writing as I hoped and it’s gone through some design changes, not all positive but got to something I like in the end. I still haven’t really settled on any kind of theme, other than I write about things I’ve done that I think might interest people and anything I just feel the need to comment on. Most importantly though I like doing it when I can think of something to write and as I said at the start, it’s mostly been for me. A few more readers wouldn’t go amiss though lol.

I don’t want to keep going over the past but things are certainly very different to what they were when I started this. That was part of the point though, to use writing to help in that journey. I’ve worked hard to get myself out of the depression, anxiety and thoughts of self-harm and even suicide that I was fighting most of last year. I’ve been back at work without problems for nearly a year and although it’s not ideal I’m coping with it. I’m definitely more stable, a bit less introverted maybe and keen to learn from it and move on.

There’s been hiccups and problems but thankfully have been able to get past those and surprisingly through it all my circle of friends has actually grown, even if many I only know online and haven’t met in person but it’s quite amazing to be able to form links with people all over the world in this way.

Retaining contact with people has been very important. It’s very easy to stop that and I am very grateful for everyone I know whether they think they’ve helped or not. And best of all I’m now looking forward to lots of plans for the future.

And that’s the big thing for me. Plans. I know I’ve made mistakes, missed opportunities and while there’s already been some great experiences shared with good friends this year, next year is already full of very exciting things, first-time things, and who knows what else may happen along the way.

I’m going to New York for the first time with friends. Primarily to see the fabulous Gillian Anderson in “A Streetcar Named Desire“, a play which I missed last year in London, although to be honest I don’t think I’d have coped well with it given my condition at the time.

And there’s plenty of other events too, another trip to Fedcon in Germany is on the cards which I did for the first time in May and even the possibility of a trip to Las Vegas for the 50th Anniversary Star Trek convention. All very exciting (and expensive) so let the journey continue.

First up though after writing this is David Gilmour at The Royal Albert Hall in London. My favourite guitarist, Pink Floyd member and someone I never expected to see live again. I’m almost as excited as I was for the Kate Bush gig which was nearly exactly a year ago to the day. Strange times but thankfully now good times.

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