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New Year – Exciting times ahead

Another year starts. Welcome to 2016 and a Happy New Year to you all. I’ll start by admitting I’ve not done as much updating to this blog as I thought I would, mostly because it doesn’t have a particular theme, I’ve been busy and not had anything I’ve felt the need to really write about but lets start with a bit of a roundup.

Since my last post in October there have been multiple convention trips involving mad journeys just for the day to Cardiff and Brighton, which were actually two of the most fun days of the year thanks to the friends I went with and the guests that were the focus of our attention and reason for going. Huge shout out to René Auberjonois and Nana Visitor, primarily known for their roles on Star Trek:Deep Space Nine and Alice Krige who most will know from Star Trek as the Borg Queen who I must have spoken to for nearly half an hour in Brighton (yes the event was quiet). Really interesting and lovely lady who saw me looking at the photos on her desk and called me over to talk to her while I decided.


Me with Alice Krige – Thanks to Bunny for taking the pic

Then in November it was the 6th Annual Vampire Ball an event run by Starfury. Unfortunately on the run up to this all 3 of the main guests I wanted to meet cancelled. It happens due to work commitments but it was very disappointing. The remaining ones proved to be good fun but having met most of them before gold ticket I had felt a bit of a waste. Great partying though and was still a fun weekend with friends.

What was funny was that just before the opening ceremony a very rare guest was announced by another organiser and so many people were trying to get a phone signal to book a ticket for that event, myself included.

Last of the year was Wales Comic Con. My friends crewed this one but I still like to enjoy wandering around although if I was to work any, this would be the one. It’s definitely one of the most enjoyable and well run events of the year and not just because my friends are great at what they do and I enjoy those times we all to get away together, it’s a well run, very friendly event with some of the best guest interaction. I had a great time meeting Sam Jones (Flash Gordon, Ted and one good Stargate SG-1 episode), Melody Anderson (Flash Gordon) and Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones, Prometheus) who was simply lovely to talk to.


Sam Jones – Thanks again to Bunny


Melody Anderson – Thanks to Michael

In the evening there was a gig by the band Four Star Mary who Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans will be very well aware of and to the disgust of one of my friends, I’m not but I’m always up for some live music and really enjoyed them. The weather however was appalling all weekend but who cares when you’re having a good time?

Talking of live bands, I saw two gigs in November, the delightful Heather Nova and on their final ever tour, Mötley Crüe supported by Alice Cooper. All fabulous fun in different ways.


Heather Nova – Islington Assembly Hall, London


Mötley Crüe – Wembley Arena

Then there was a little thing called Star Wars. I love the original trilogy, thought the prequels were mostly awful and have avoided the hype over the new one, only seeing the first trailer but still went to see it on opening day having avoided spoilers. And what great fun it is. Yes there are issues and I won’t go into detail so as not to spoil it for anyone who has yet to see it but I sat there with a big grin on my face and went to see it a second time so it can’t be bad as I rarely do that given the cost of the cinema these days.

My favourite film of the year out of the very few I’ve seen was probably The Martian. Not at all what I was expecting but I thought it was excellent. And thanks to a friend getting it for me for Christmas I am now reading the book and that’s great too. I have made a resolution to read more this year. I’m way behind on my comic books amd have a big selection of novels to get through too so I;m off to a reasonable start.


There have been many good TV shows to watch and for the first time I took a friend’s advice and watched the Australian version of Masterchef. Now I admit I’m not a huge foodie, you’re unlikely to catch me in the kitchen cooking but what an epic and enjoyable show. 12 weeks, 5 nights a week. It’s a huge committment and did seem to take over my life for a while but she was right, so much better than the UK one.

One show we were extremely sad to see end of though was Defiance. Made by the Syfy channel it was a brilliant third season accompanied by epic live tweeting of episodes with members of the cast and crew. Unfortunately Syfy didn’t do enough to support it and although the fans put in an amazing effort to spread the word and get it supported, the plug was pulled but thankfully, unlike some shows, the writers did a great job of putting together an ending that was a conclusion but leaves things open for more should it ever happen.

So many amazing moments and interactions with great fans and cast/crew alike. Honestly, stream it or buy the DVD/Blurays and watch it. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve got mine on order! It might be classed as Sci-fi but it’s about characters, great writing, great humour and drama. Just happens to have some alien races in it.


Defiance – The End

Such a devastating loss aside it’s been a very good year although not without problems but then who doesn’t have problems. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that I promised myself I’d do more and try to be more positive this year. I’ve certainly done some new things and tried to be positive and look forward rather than back. That hasn’t always happened and during the year I know I haven’t always been the person and friend I should have been or want to be but there’s definitely more looking forward than back now.

So what is there to look forward to? So much. 2016 is where it’s happening. It’s going to be so exciting (and a little bit scary) with trips to New York to see Gillian Anderson in a play and have a holiday too, Las Vegas for the 50th Anniversary Star Trek convention and Germany again plus a few other UK events already booked up. I’ve never been to the USA before so really looking forward to that and there will be a few other things in between I’m sure. Also have plans to finally get my own place again and hopefully have plenty to write about on here. So 2016, let’s do this….


New York – Midtown Skyline at Night

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