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Pets – how an animal can change your life

Well hello. Been more than a while since I posted anything. I’m still here, no particular reason for the absence just other priorities, nothing of note to comment on or just a general lack of enthusiasm/motivation. However recently there’s been a significant change in my life and it’s given me a real boost and a good excuse to post something new.

Yes I still go to conventions and have met some amazing people since my last updates, even done more theatre and done the stage door thing with great results, thanks to the guidance of a good friend. There’s been some re-evaluation of self and the people I stay in contact with, I’ve had some bad times mentally, sometimes due to this re-evaluation and there have been times I’ve been scared that I might be slipping back to the worst times that lead me to putting my thoughts into this blog as a means of therapy. But focusing on the good, not worrying about what people may think, not trying to keep everyone happy has been mostly positive.

And in among all that over the last year I found myself drawn to an idea, a not particularly practical idea given my living situation but one that grew and wouldn’t go away.

I have friends who keep rats (waits for half the readers to disappear at this point). Yes, people have preconceptions, they have a bad reputation but we’e not talking wild rats here. On visiting one friend in particular over the last few years I found myself entirely won over by these cute little (or not so little in some cases) balls of fur and found myself asking lots of questions, researching online and wondering if I could maybe get some of my own. There’s been much said about the positive aspects of owning pets, I grew up around many animals so know this and as I get older and find myself currently on my own and in a less than ideal living situation I wondered if having a pet would be company and help focus me on something positive.

I saw the positive impact getting new pets had made with someone else I know and at the risk of it seeming like I was copying my friend, who has been super supportive, discussions were had, practicalities considered and enquiries made with another friend who breeds rats. This was around September 2017.

As is the way with nature things didn’t progress very quickly with a few false alarms and rats that seemed determined not to get pregnant lol. But in many ways the delays were a good thing. I am aware I sometimes get an idea in my head, run with it and it’s not a long term thing. Having to wait completely reinforced to me that this wasn’t a whim, this was something I really wanted to do and gave plenty of time to research and ask questions. The hardest decision was whether to get girls or boys but we got there and eventually on my birthday weekend this year I brought home two gorgeous baby girls, 8 weeks old, called Irisa and Inara, characters from two of my favourite TV shows Defiance and Firefly.

8 weeks old, coming home. Darker one is Irisa, the other Inara

I’ve had them at home for two weeks now and am so happy. We are bonding, learning to trust each other and getting on really well. They are funny, cute, have totally different personalities to each other and this was totally the right thing to do. They’ve already given me a focus, something else to concentrate on, a responsibility and positivity. I possibly should have done it sooner but when the time is right it is right and I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence without the support of two very good friends. I’m still terrified about getting things wrong but so far so good. The girls are growing quickly and gaining in confidence every day. They even seem to like me, much to my relief. Rats are much maligned but they are intelligent, very clean and look how cute.

10 weeks old. Such cute faces.

Inara looking all innocent lol, Irisa is a bit more shy and harder to catch.

I appreciate pets aren’t for everyone whether it’s due to where you live, costs or you just don’t like animals. For me it’s already amazing how something so small has had such a positive effect. It has been all I hoped and brought a lot of love and positivity to me. Thank you to two very good friends for helping me get here (you know who you are) and hopefully I won’t leave it quite so long before writing another piece, I do miss it.

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