Thoughts and ramblings of an ageing, music loving, Sci-Fi geek…


So I guess I’m supposed to write a bit about me here.

I’m a 40 something male living in Hertfordshire, England though originally from Cardiff in Wales. I don’t feel like I’ve grown up all that much and enjoy playing computer games (usually badly), watching Sci-Fi films, going to conventions where I meet actors from the shows and films I like, trying to play guitar and blasting out rock music really loud and going to watch Arsenal.

I have self confidence issues but somehow this hasn’t stopped me playing in a band and being lighting operator and photographer on tour for one of my favourite groups of the 80’s when they reformed, among various other things.

You’ll find me writing about the events I go to, music I like and anything that I feel the need to comment on that primarily comes under the heading of hobbies and interests.

I started this blog as a form of therapy after some difficult times during 2014 which I have made reference to. If you want to drop me a line or comment on any of the posts, please feel free. There is a contact form if you don’t want to add a public comment.

This is a definite work in progress but feel like I’m in for the long haul now so let the journey continue.


Disclaimer: This blog is not connected with or related to any organisation or other person that may use the name or term 7th Dimension. It is simply a platform for the personal opinions and thoughts of myself, Howard Crowe, also known online as Rockstar6662. There is no intent to confuse, mislead, undermine or otherwise impersonate any other person or organisation implied by the use of the term in the title.

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