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End of Year – A look back at 2014

It seems to be the thing to do end of year reviews, whether it’s TV shows, best music of the year, best films etc and jumping on the bandwagon I thought it would be good to look back at some of the highs and lows of the year and trace my personal journey so I can see how much better things are now. (more…)

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Wales Comic Con 2014 – Part 2

This is it folks, the final Convention of the year (for me anyway). Wales Comic Con which was held at Glyndwr University, Wrexham on November 30th.

This is a fairly new event to the scene although it started in 2008, which has been run in April for the last few years and built to the point where they wanted to try a second one in November and in my view what a success it appeared to be. (more…)

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Adventures with Rat Queens and The Walking Dead

Comic books. There, I’ve said it. Are they valid literature or just throwaway trash? Are they art? Ever read one? Ever poked fun or joked about those who do?

Comic books have a very close association with a lot of the things I like be it music, movies or TV shows. They are featured at the events I go to where you will see the artists and writers doing sketches for people and discussing their work and many stalls selling old and new books. There are shows just purely dedicated to comic books too. Yet it’s an area of the fandom that I’ve never really connected with until recently (more…)

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