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Ever Played an Instrument?

I was talking to someone recently and realised how long it’s been since I picked up my guitars. And I find this quite sad.

I’m sure many of you will have had uncomfortable forced piano lessons when young  or had to join in with something at school, even if it was just banging a drum or hitting a triangle. That always seemed to be what I ended up with and don’t think I showed much prowess even at that.

I never had any great musical interest or skill but then something happened. I discovered the music that struck the proverbial chord with me (no pun intended). (more…)

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New Year, New Site

Welcome to my new domain. Wow, that sounds like I’ve become overlord of a kingdom or something.

I’ve decided to move the site to a new hosted domain with a more memorable URL which I feel will be more appropriate, easier to remember and find and will also give me the flexibility to do more with the site. The standard site is great but has some limitations.

Those familiar with the old site will find this is very similar but here’s a quick run down of the basic features and changes:

  • The theme has changed. While I liked the previous one, this I feel is cleaner and more suited to what I have in mind.
  • New posts will still appear on the home page as they are added.
  • You can choose to view posts just matching certain categories using the selections on the sidebar.
  • I’ve added a Contact Me page. This is just for general feedback or questions. Any comments you want published can still be posted on the form under the relevant article.
  • There’s a new Search box on the right.

This is all still very much a work in progress as I learn what I can do with it all but please explore and feel free to let me know if you come across any problems, especially missing images or broken links.

To be continued……

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New Year, new things coming

Maybe a bit late but welcome to 2015. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year if you celebrate those.

Personally I needed the break, had a great time with friends, relaxing and learning some new games (X-Wing Minatures and Fluxx being particular highlights) and although some of the changes I was hoping to be making at this time are not now going to happen, I start the year in a much better place than I did last year with some exciting things to look forward to.

I’ve also given a lot of thought to what I want to do with this blog. I want it to develop and keep going and therefore I’ve decided to move it to a new host so I can do more with it and customize it more. I’m currently working on it, probably keeping the same basic design but making a few changes and restructuring it so it’s easier to find the specific posts you’re interested in for example.

I’ve got no specific timetable but hopefully this will be live at the end of January, maybe earlier and I’ll post a further update when it’s ready.

If I get it right, all subscriptions should transfer over so those of you who are following it should still follow and the current URL should be redirected but keep an eye on which will be the new blog specific URL. Just a holding page there at the moment.

Thanks again for being part of this, more updates are coming.

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End of Year – A look back at 2014

It seems to be the thing to do end of year reviews, whether it’s TV shows, best music of the year, best films etc and jumping on the bandwagon I thought it would be good to look back at some of the highs and lows of the year and trace my personal journey so I can see how much better things are now. (more…)

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Wales Comic Con 2014 – Part 2

This is it folks, the final Convention of the year (for me anyway). Wales Comic Con which was held at Glyndwr University, Wrexham on November 30th.

This is a fairly new event to the scene although it started in 2008, which has been run in April for the last few years and built to the point where they wanted to try a second one in November and in my view what a success it appeared to be. (more…)

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